11 Nominations including

     Best New Work

- Broadwayworld Awards

 - BroadwayWorld

"Smash Hit!"

- Yahoo.com

"...an authentic howl of rage...it insists we take notice"

- Nigel Sinclair, Executive Producer,

"Undefeated", "The Life of David Gale", "Terminator 3"

 Critic's choice!

- Los Angeles Times


in development


Stage Play

Opens June 2018

FAMOUS is a sexy and suspenseful thrill ride where everything is tested and only real friendship will survive. For people that have been given everything, what they’re truly seeking is the one thing that fame can’t buy.


One night. One party.
Through the eyes of young Hollywood’s hottest new star, Jason Mast, we step into a world fueled by money, power, sex and drugs. Image is everything in this town and Jason is determined to expose the dark and gritty reality they don’t want you to see. As the memories of his tragic and tortured past haunt him, Jason is pushed deeper and deeper into a downward spiral. With a coked out, adrenaline-rushed pace, we cruise through his Hollywood Hills party and witness first-hand the price of fame.

Dare To Be Bad

A pocket book for all types of artists who want tpo feel free, be creative and find the magic within themselves.

33 Affirmations and inspiring quotes from powerful artists.

Whether you’re an actor, singer, dancer, musician, writer, author, painter, director, producer, photographer, lighting designer, set designer, poet, public speaker, etc, WE are all ARTISTS and we all doubt our work. We all listen to that loud voice in our head that says, “You’re not good enough”. It’s just not true. The world is waiting for your ART, now get out there and DO IT!

American Street Kid

Feature Documentary

1.8 million kids are homeless in America.     Every Street Tells a Story.


American Street Kid is a feature documentary about a director who heads to the streets to shoot a two-minute public service announcement about homeless kids in America.  Once inside their world he realizes he can no longer be an observer; every day is a matter of life and death and he'll do anything to get them off the streets.


Stage Play

Based on the short film, Someplace in Between


When seven strangers get stuck in an elevator, its only a matter of time before the truth comes out. Laced with musical sequences and cinematic style, "ELEVATOR" is a comedic and emotional ride into the human psyche and asks the fundamental question:  Who are you behind closed doors?

The Playground

Stage Play w/ music

Inspired by the true stories of homeless kids, The Playground journeys beyond the glamorous world of Hollywood and onto the gritty streets of Los Angeles.


Filled with original music that varies from Rock and Blues to Hip-Hop, the songs transform the streets into rock concert fantasies and hallucinogenic drug trips, creating an entryway into the kid’s minds, illuminating their hopes and dreams as they strive for a better life.  

Someplace In Between

Short Film

7 Strangers.  One elevator.


Its not the moments in life that define us, but what we learn in between.





Listen...Can You Hear Me Now?

One-Woman Show

Two deaf parents...a hearing child and the daring, funny, eye-opening story of finding her own voice.

Gloria Rosen’s Listen… Can You Hear Me Now?, is an autobiographical one woman show based on her life growing up as the hearing child and sole interpreter for her two deaf parents. 



Deliver Us

Short Film

It's not about what they believe.  It's about what you believe.








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The Fame - in development

Narrative Feature

An in-your face glimpse at a young Hollywood party where the line between the desire for fame and the seductive path of its destruction pollutes everything.  In a town where image is everything, sometimes the friendships are the only real things left.


Feature Film - in post-production


American Street Kid: Journal from the streets.


True stories, poetry and artwork from current and former homeless youth.

St. Marks

TV Series


The Neighborhood

Stage Musical


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