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An 11:11 EXPERIENCE (Production Company), is a Los Angeles based production company dedicated to creating projects that promote social change. 11:11 was conceived from the idea that film and theatre have the capacity to create connection, encourage compassion and engage and inspire audiences. 11:11 focuses on developing powerful stories and compelling characters that encourage people to see the world from a new point of view.


From powerful documentaries to inspiring narratives and innovative theatre, 11:11 is committed to producing work that’s brave, provocative and significant. 


Projects include: American Street Kid, a powerful, award-winning, feature-length documentary, that takes us onto the streets and into the real lives of America’s homeless youth, When Today Ends, a narrative feature that confronts the tragic reality of teen suicide, and Famous, an innovative melding of live theatre and film that delves deep into the behind-closed-doors side of sexual abuse in 90’s Hollywood.  All films are streaming worldwide.

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