In American Street Kid, filmmaker Michael Leoni takes you on a journey into a world that most people don't know exists. A world where in order to survive, kids are forced to sell drugs, beg for money or sell their bodies. Their powerful stories are heartbreaking and their unrelenting hope and determination to create a better life shines through, in this true tale of love, friendship, and the triumph of the human spirit.

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When four teenagers post their personal stories online using the hashtag, #WhenTodayEnds, they have no idea the extent of their impact or how their stories will intersect.  With no filter and complete abandon, Jenna, Nick, Megan and James all share their deepest, darkest secrets only to fall eerily down the same path.  Collapsing under the pressures of bullying, depression, and self-identity, their lives slowly unravel, revealing the tragic connection that binds them all together.

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Inspired by the lives of Young Hollywood stars like River Phoenix, Corey Feldman, Heath Ledger, and Corey Haim, Famous takes you on a non-stop thrill ride behind the glamorous world of Young Hollywood and into the mind of A-list celebrity Jason Mast.  What appears to be a night of celebration for his first Oscar nomination turns out to be an intricate plan to confront his past.  Driven by a devastating need to expose the truth, Jason’s attempts to control the outcome of the evening ignites a chain of events that pushes the boundaries of real friendship and reveals the true cost of fame.

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