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Meet the cast of Famous

July 01, 2018

Starring (in alphabetical order)

Derick Breezee           Kenny Johnston

Alexander Daly          Thomas McNamara

Megan Davis             Rachael Meyers

Rosie De Candia        Decker Sadowski

Gregory DePetro        Markus Silbiger

Christopher Dietrick    Jacqi Venè

An 11:11 Experience opens The 11:11 - a new theatre and performance space in WeHO

June 02, 2018

An 11:11 Experience takes over the former Macha Theatre on Kings Rd. in West Hollywood (right behind Hugo's).  Check out for more info.

FAMOUS opens July 2018

July 20, 2018

​FAMOUS, a new play by Writer | Director Michael Leoni, opens July 2018.

Casting begins for FAMOUS

November 06, 2017

Casting opens for FAMOUS, the new play from writer/director, Michael Leoni.

FAMOUS, a new play by writer/director Michael Leoni is announced.

November 04, 2017

Michael Leoni announces his new play, Famous.  Set to open March 2018.

Production on #WhenTodayEnds wraps and post-production begins.

October 18, 2017

After 7 months ELEVATOR closes its doors October 29th

October 15, 2017

After a 7 month run, to raving reviewers and audiences, ELEVATOR is closing.  The final shows at The Coast Playhouse, will be October 27th & 28th at 8pm and October 29th at 3 & 7pm.

ELEVATOR Extends Again!

July 15, 2017

Hit show, ELEVATOR, extends again, through October.  Get your tickets now at

ELEVATOR extends!!

June 10, 2017

After great reviews and audience responses ELEVATOR has extended through July.  Get your tickets now at

Dare To Be Bad hits the streets.

March 27, 2017

You can now buy Dare To Be bad in a number of brick and mortar stores, including Mindful Nest, Samuel French, Laurel Canyon Country Store and more...

ELEVATOR opens at The Coast Playhouse

March 25, 2017

When seven strangers get stuck in an elevator, it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out. Laced with musical sequences and a cinematic style, ELEVATOR is a comedic and emotional ride into the human psyche.

A CEO Woman, Business Man, Office Temp, Hot Girl, Musician, Maintenance Man and Goth Girl; When forced together, given nothing but four walls and each other, these archetypes prove to be anything but “typical.” Their preconceived notions, stereotypes and judgments are challenged at every turn, as one by one they shed their masks and reveal their truths.

ELEVATOR asks the fundamental question: Who are you behind closed doors?

Dare To Be Bad is available on Amazon!

February 10, 2017

Order your copy of Dare To Be Bad now on Amazon.

Dare To Be Bad, A New Book From Writer/Director, Michael Leoni Goes On Pre-Sale

January 06, 2017

Dare To Be Bad, a pocket book for artists of all types who want to feel free, be creative and find the magic within themselves.  Go to Amazon now to pre-order your copy.

Elevator set to open at The Coast theatre in March 2017

January 01, 2017

The hit play Elevator gets ready for it's return to LA at The Coast Playhouse, in West Hollywood, in March 2017.

Pre-Production begins for new feature film, #WhenTodayEnds

November 29, 2016

The newest feature film, from Michael Leoni, #WhenTodayEnds, begins pre-production for a January 2016 shoot.

American Street Kid to Headline Hollywood Film Festival

November 17, 2016

Feature documentary, American Street Kid, becomes an official selection and headlining film of the Hollywood Film Festival, from March 28th to April 4th.

American Street Kid to Premier at The Beloit International Film Festival

November 09, 2016

Feature documentary, American Street Kid, becomes an official selection of The Beloit International Film Festival in Wisconsin, from February 28th to March 4th.

Paul Bettany promotes American Street Kid

November 05, 2015

Actor/Director Paul Bettany saw the American Street Kid trailer and was blown away - he immeditately tweeted it to his 100k followers!

American Street Kid screens final cut at Warner Bros.

November 11, 2015

First official industry screening of the final cut of American Street Kid, at Warner Brothers Studios

American Street Kid screens rough cut at Warner Bros.

September 09, 2015

First official industry screening of the American Street Kid rought cut at Warner Brothers Studios

WB finishes color correction on American Street Kid

March 04, 2015

Color correction finished at Warner Brothers Studios, by the team behind American Sniper

Maroon 5 promotes American Street Kid

March 04, 2015

Maroon 5 posts and tweets for American Street Kid

Rosie O'Donnell promotes American Street Kid

March 03, 2015

Rosie O'Donnell posts and tweets about American Street Kid.

Artists Using Their Voice for Homeless Youth

September 30, 2013

American Street Kid event - - featuring, Shoshana Bean, Frenchie Davis, Jake Simpson and many more...

Listen...Can You Hear Me Now? opens at the New York International Fringe Festival

August 10, 2013


WINNER - Hollywood Fringe Festival

June 29, 2013

Listen...Can You Hear Me Now? WINS Best of Fringe Extension in the Hollywood Fringe Festival

Listen...Can You Hear Me Now? gets accepted into the New York International Fringe Festival.

May 26, 2013


American Street Kid goes into post-production

June 10, 2012


American Street Kid, a feature documentary continues filming.

September 01, 2011


The Playground opens at The Met

November 11, 2011

After 10 years in the making, Leoni's new rock musical THE PLAYGROUND  opens at The Met Theatre in Los Angeles.

American Street Kid, a feature documentary continues filming.

September 01, 2011


​Closing weekend of the LA Smash Hit - ELEVATOR after a 10 month run!

April 03, 2011


​Release party at Voyeur benefiting Spare Some Change.

March 11, 2011


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