"...the most brilliant moment seen in the theatre all year!" - Stage and Cinema




ELEVATOR Review: With Michael Leoni's hit play, audiences don't mind being stuck in this ELEVATOR.

June 30, 2017

BWW Review: An ELEVATOR Ride Provides an Emotionally Uplifting Experience for Seven Strangers

April 17, 2017

Paul Bettany promotes American Street Kid

January 01, 2020

Actor/Director Paul Bettany saw the American Street Kid trailer and was blown away - he immeditately tweeted it to his 100k followers!

Maroon 5 Tweets For American Street Kid!

The guys in the band heard about American Street Kid and what we're doing for homeless youth and blasted it out on twitter!

Rosie O'Donnell Tweets For American Street Kid

Rosie watched an early cut of the film and wanted everyone on Twitter and Facebook to know how great she thought it was!

Franklin High grad callls attention to homeless youth

January 01, 2020

FRANKLIN — For six years, Michael Leoni has documented the lives of homeless teenagers living in Los Angeles, interviewing nearly 400 for a film that he hopes shines a light on the problem.

Still unfinished, the film, "American Street Kid," depicts young people trying to survive life on the streets.

Life on the streets: Documentary to illustrate day-to-day struggles of homeless children

January 01, 2020

When it comes to the plight of homeless children, you could call Michael Leoni a kindred spirit.

The driving force behind the documentary “American Street Kid” – which puts a face on the plight of the 1.8 million children and teens living on the streets – can relate to their plight.

Filmmaker Shines Light On Homeless Youth Epidemic

January 01, 2020

Tears stream down Kiki’s adolescent face as she recounts escaping the horrors of her childhood, and the abuse she endured at the hands of her mother’s ex-boyfriend, in the promotional trailer for “American Street Kid.”

Off-camera, writer and director Michael Leoni solemnly says, “I’m sorry.”

Moments later he steps in front of the camera to embrace her, shifting the documentary from informational to relational – about human connection.

Spare Some Change presents Artists Using Their Voice for Homeless Youth

This will be an evening of full-blown entertainment, proceeds to benefit the 'American Street Kid', a groundbreaking documentary that shines a light on the forgotten kids, who are currently living on the streets of America.

'American Street Kid' is just one of the many written and directed by Michael Leoni.

Listen...Can You Hear Me Now? opens at the NYC International Fringe Festival


Listen...Can You Hear Me Now? Opens at The Hollywood Fringe Festival


Listen...Can You Hear Me Now? WINS BEST OF FRINGE!

January 01, 2020

Theatre Asylum and Combined Artform are pleased to announce the return of the Best of Hollywood Fringe Extensions, providing selected shows from the 2013 Hollywood Fringe a co-produced commercial extension in Hollywood during July 2013.

Watertown native creating ‘American Street Kid’ documentary

Watertown native Michael J. Leoni went out to the streets of Los Angeles one day to film some homeless kids.  That day turned into five years.  “I got sucked in,” he said. “I met the kids, the kids met me and we came on board to make this movie.  ”That movie is “American Street Kid,” in which Mr. Leoni shines a light on the epidemic of homeless youth in America, gives them a voice and offers a solution to help solve the problem.

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11 Nominations including

     Best New Work

- Broadwayworld Awards

 - Broadwayworld

 Critic's choice!

- Los Angeles Times

"Smash Hit!"

- Yahoo.com

"This is a DO NOT MISS production! In the world of live theatre, this is a SMASH HIT!"

 - Associated Content, Yahoo.com


“Elevator Is a Moving Experience.”

- LA Stage

“Michael Leoni (Writer/Director) created characters and dialog that belong on a Broadway stage."

- Performing Arts Live

"The devices employed to keep the situation from stagnancy are wonderful, and Mr. Leoni is invited to go further by incorporating more of this performance art throughout the night: you will know he is on the right track when, near the top of the play, there is a sped-up, time-bending contrivance that, up to now, has only been witnessed in the cinema. Not only is it the most brilliant moment seen in the theatre all year, but it tells us that Mr. Leoni has what it takes directorially to create an avant-garde theatre piece."

 - Stage & Cinema

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“Leoni, who also directs, invests the production with ample wit and high-gloss style.”

- LA Times

"CRITICS PICK! 5 out of 5 stars! - "This is a very entertaining, optimistic and satisfying evening of theatre that you cannot afford to miss!  - Broadwayworld.com

“Writer-director Michael Leoni comes up with another winner in Elevator.” 

- StageSceneLA.com

"Elevator is a Theatrical gem!" 

- Performing Arts Live

"Get ready for the ride because this is a beautifully acted and expertly directed play."

- DulaniAfterDark.com

"There is a fresh feeling of new talent at work here."

- Global Film Village

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THe Playground

"One thing is certain; Leoni is a genius in progress!"

- Entertainment Today


- Backstage West

"The Playground is an authentic howl of rage and it insists we take notice." - Nigel Sinclair, Exec. Producer, Undefeated, The Life of David Gale,Terminator 3

"Director Michael Leoni builds a frightening environment."

 - Entertainment Today


"I have been fortunate to see his work.  He immediately impressed me."

- John Swanbeck, Director, Big Kahuna

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"Written and directed with gusty realism, and a lot of heart...this show is a wake up call for us all."

 - Backstage West

"I love that you're stripping down the blinders.  And I love that you're doing it in a way that's really cool and really entertaining and profound."  - Leeza Gibbons  (radio)     

"One thing is certain;  Michael Leoni is a genius in progress and this play is a manifestation of his commitment, not just to society, but to the art of theater in general.  And he's just getting started - can't wait to see what comes next!"

- Entertainment Today

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