From the team that brought you LA's smash hit ELEVATOR comes a brand new production...

FAMOUS is a sexy and suspenseful thrill ride where everything is tested and only real friendship will survive. For people that have been given everything, what they’re truly seeking is the one thing that fame can’t buy.


Story line: One night. One party.
Through the eyes of young Hollywood’s hottest new star, JASON MAST, we step into a world fueled by money, power, sex and drugs. Image is everything in this town and Jason is determined to expose the dark and gritty reality they don’t want you to see. As the memories of his tragic and tortured past haunt him, Jason is pushed deeper and deeper into a downward spiral. With a coked out, adrenaline-rushed pace, we cruise through his Hollywood Hills party and witness first-hand the price of fame.

*Contains strong sexual content, graphic language, and drug use.


Character Breakdowns:

[JASON MAST]24, Caucasian, mixed ethnicity;  quiet and stoic, good-looking, charismatic, and struggling with addiction brought on by his traumatic childhood. He’s one of Hollywood’s top stars and started in the business when he was 8. He has just been nominated for an Oscar and his team is making him have a party to celebrate.


[HEATHER HAYES]21, Caucasian, mixed ethnicity; a beautiful ingenue and Hollywood’s new "IT" girl. She is starring in Jason Mast’s newest film and is struggling with balancing her old life with her new life of becoming a star. Her relationship with her boyfriend of five years, Brody, is being challenged by the fake relationship with Jason Mast that she must live out in public for the sake of her career and publicity. NO NUDITY.


[ALYSSA ROSSI]26, Caucasian, mixed ethnicity; attractive, sexy and tough on the outside, which hides the damage of years of neglect. She stars in a hit TV show with Heather Hayes and has been in the business since she was a child. A long time friend of Jason Mast and Dylan. A famous child star, she started out on a TV show with Jason when they were kids, but did not rise to the same level of fame and is desperately looking for a comeback. She is also in and out of rehab and struggling to stay sober. Her father is Jack Rossi. NO NUDITY.


[CELESTE WHITLEY]LATE 40’s, female, Caucasian, mixed ethnicity; Jason Mast’s manager. Sexy, high powered, no nonsense, hard as nails and controlling; she’s always looking to capitalize on the situation. While she cares about her clients, she cares more about their image than what may actually be best for them. [She also manages Heather Hayes, and Ryan Logan]


[JACK ROSSI/OTHERS]Male, Caucasian, mixed ethnicity, 45 -55, a Film & TV producer with a lot of power and ulterior motives. He’s Alyssa Rossi’s father and the Producer of the TV show she and Heather star in. He uses his power to get what he wants.


[JASON’S MOM/OTHERS]35-45, Caucasian, mixed ethnicity;  good-looking, vain and not at all maternal. She is motivated by a life of fame and fortune and will sacrifice anything including the well being of her sons, to get what she wants.


[YOUNG JASON (18+ TO PLAY 15)]18+ to play 14-17, (**MUST LOOK 15**) Caucasian, mixed ethnicity; Good looking. Innocent. New and fresh to the industry.

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